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Having been a full time Massage Therapist for over 20 years, I have an inherent interest in things that help us reduce pain in our bodies. I think that may be a big reason I am looking forward to you trying the RTPR "Real Time Pain Relief" products.

The promo code you will need at checkout is  88618

1    This is our MAIN . . . RTPR page. From here you can go just about everywhere.

2    SPECIAL . . . Is the link that will take NEW CUSTOMERS to a RTPR special offer.

3    MONTHLY special . . . Is a link to the Monthly RTPR Special for existing Customers.

4    REWARDS . . . Customers, who have no interest in a RTPR business, but want to share RTPR can receive "REWARDS".

5    JOIN . . . Is the page where you can learn about RTPR principals of business, and join with us in building a RTPR business as a vendor. During this process, you will find product packages that carry a substantial discount to help get started. It is a substantial discount that I appreciated very much.

I Have some links that are important but are more of a specialty. Here is the link for Health Care Practitioners. The link for Store Owners. Wandering what some advantages of being a Reseller?

Our ASEA™ pages

6    ASEA™  . . . This is where you can learn just about everything ASEA ™. Here you can learn about the product, the science, business opportunity, make product purchases, as well as Joining as a distributor.

7    QUICK DRAW  . . . Excellent group of video presentations that makes the science and everything much easier to understand.

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