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Having been a full time Massage Therapist for over 20 years, I have an inherent interest in things that help us reduce pain in our bodies. I think that may be a big reason I am looking forward to you trying the RTPR "Real Time Pain Relief" products.

The RTPR promo code you will need at checkout is  88618

1    This is our MAIN . . . RTPR page. From here you can go just about everywhere.

2    SPECIAL . . . Is the link that will take NEW CUSTOMERS to a RTPR special offer.

3    MONTHLY special . . . Is a link to the Monthly RTPR Special for existing Customers.

4    REWARDS . . . Customers, who have no interest in a RTPR business, but want to share RTPR can receive "REWARDS".

5    JOIN . . . Is the page where you can learn about RTPR principals of business, and join with us in building a RTPR business as a vendor. During this process, you will find product packages that carry a substantial discount to help get started. It is a substantial discount that I appreciated very much.

I Have some links that are important but are more of a specialty. Here is the link for Health Care Practitioners. The link for Store Owners. Wandering what some advantages of being a Reseller?

Youngevity! Now carries Biometics.

smile glad icon    YOUNGEVITY  . . . Now carries Biometics. Jackie and I were introduced to Biometics in 1998. For many years we happily shared Biometics with family, friends, strangers on the street. They simply were the best nutritional supplements we had ever tried. Things happened between us and the corporate office and we made a personal decision to sever our relationship with the company. We learned that Biometics had been sold to Youngevity. We discovered that Youngevity did in fact now carry the Biometics line of nutritional products. At that time, we began to buy the products again for our personal use. I simply missed how I felt when drinking my Biometics drink every day.

smiley smile    PRODUCTS  JUMP! Directly to the products page.

smiley smile    A great feature with YOUNGEVITY is that you can have the maximum product discount simply by becoming a Preferred Customer. However, if you want to generate an income through Youngevity, you can purchase the Welcome Kit for $10 and become a distributor.

smiley laugh    NOTE: On the web page to become a PC (Preferred Customer) or Distributor, you will see a 30% discount shown. That 30% discount is for all products except Biometics, which will have a 40% discount.

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Our ASEA™ pages

6    ASEA™  . . . This is where you can learn just about everything ASEA ™. Here you can learn about the product, the science, business opportunity, make product purchases, as well as Joining as a distributor.

7    QUICK DRAW  . . . Excellent group of video presentations that makes the science and everything much easier to understand.

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